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Risk-Return Relationship

Strategic risk management is a fundamental element of the Timberland Fonds investment philosophy. Given this orientation, our portfolio managers are just as uncompromising when they evaluate the risks of an investment as they are in the search for return. In the interests of our demanding investors, we only use tested strategies that have proven themselves under a variety of market conditions.

In general, however, the following rule applies. If you want to take advantage of the opportunity to earn higher returns, you must also have the courage needed to accept a certain amount of risk in your investments. These two factors are inseparably linked. Timberland's fund management, however, introduces strategic instruments that reduce the risks of an investment, secure returns and even soften the effects of inflation using a variably weighted investment in the form of a gold portfolio. What investors now have to contribute is a bit of time. In the end, this factor has a major effect on the risk-return relationship, which might even be the reason we consider time to be valuable. This makes it even more important to use it wisely.

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