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Think more than one day in advance. And act in the same way.
This is how to maintain the value of money.

The greatest enemy of a strategic investment is inflation, the gradual loss in the value of money due to long-term government or central bank expansion of the money supply. Largely for this reason, demanding investors have been increasingly turning their attention again to gold as a traditional form of protection against inflation. Gold as a real asset in physical form acts as a stabilising factor in every portfolio, and increases investor wealth while protecting it against creeping inflation at the same time.

Timberland acquires gold in physical form for its investors. Investors therefore benefit from outstanding purchase terms, as Timberland purchases the gold directly from the producer, thereby avoiding the high margins paid to intermediaries. The gold is insured and then held separately in safekeeping by the custodian bank. It is protected from issuer default and can, if desired, be delivered to investors in physical form.

The targeted investments made in blue chip stocks in the return portfolios of the three Timberland OptiMix assets also provide solid inflation protection. This is because shares are securities representing an ownership interest in the real assets of a company. And in the case of blue chip stocks, these interests are in global leading companies, which means true value. Basically, the paper value of a company rises continuously to match the current rate of inflation. This is quite separate from the increase in value of the individual securities. That is the Timberland philosophy: one investment – many benefits!

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