Profit-based or well-balanced: find an investment tailored to you.

At Timberland Finance it’s our aim to use the “market of possibilities” as effectively as we can for our investors. After all, each investment has its own unique character – just like the people we design them for.

In particular, our new products offer plenty of opportunities for personalized investments. All while offering investors maximum protection.

Based on a carefully balanced combination of dividend and hedge portfolios, we can offer you an extremely modern and profitable strategy for stable asset development – completely adaptable to any requirement or situation.

In other words, through our flexible investment system we give you the chance to switch between investment companies and asset classes. So you can adjust your personal investment strategy at any time – free of charge, and without any hassle.


One fund – countless opportunities!

For investors who would like liquidity available to them at a specific time, we offer a regular withdrawal arrangement based on our traditionally investor-friendly cash out policy.

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