Timberland Finance - Vision & Value

Asset management is a matter of trust. Today more than ever before. Clearness, fairness and transparency in personal dealings are the most important requirements. This applies to our clients as well as relationships within our firm. The ability to rely on one another plays a special role in our value system. And it manifests itself, in the end, in high quality advice with investment recommendations that make everyone involved feel good. In large part because of this – in the best sense of the word – conservative orientation aimed at stability, we stand for true substance in our words and our actions. We prefer to leave the big, exciting adventures to others. This is our concept of social responsibility and lived values applied to the design and implementation of modern investment products. Our strength lies in our ability to see the whole picture, because designing an investment requires an understanding of the individual needs and possibilities of each client in their entirety. After all, what is best for one person is always completely different for another. In the end, it is a matter of success and we rely in all cases on values that have proven themselves in this way. And this is precisely what we are using our knowledge, values and passion to achieve – every day.

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