Timberland Finance - History

Timberland can look back on more than 20 years of sustained success in the demanding financial investment segment. The company has exhibited passion, knowledge and a good sense of trends, markets and people from the beginning. A curiosity for innovative improvements to traditional investment products, persistence and discipline in the implementation of ideas and an ability to identify and satisfy changing investor needs in all phases of the market – these are all timeless factors for success that continue to apply to Timberland today.

After being established in 1993 by Dirk Köster and Thomas Krämer, the company achieved an important milestone in 1998, when it was licensed as a BAFIN-compliant financial services institution. Timberland has operated as a traditional asset manager since that time – first focusing mainly on the management of demanding individual portfolios. This was finally followed by the launch of the firm's first investment funds in 1999. Based on this in-depth experience, Timberland then began to design closed-end products in 2009 that were built exclusively around solid top funds with a long record of success.

Our thoughts and actions are all focused on achieving the perfect balance between security and profitability. Continuity represents another key element of our company philosophy. These factors apply both to our company's products and personnel management. As a result, Timberland is an owner-managed firm that still has a friendly size and efficient structure today.

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